VIDEO: Islamophobia, Diversity and the Crisis of Democracy

This panel on Islamophobia was organised by IHRC at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in September 2014 in Geneva

As anti-Muslim hatred rises in Europe and North America as well as other satellite states, this panel presents compelling theoretical and empirical work on the phenomenon. The crisis unfolding as a result of this rise can be mapped in many ways, but the overall impact bodes ill for democracy and democratic values – Islamophobia does not just affect Muslims, it strikes at the heart of what it means to be democratic.


Venue: Room XXIV, UN Palais des Nations

Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Date: 17 September 2014


Arzu Merali – Director of Research, Islamic Human Rights Commission

Dr. Salman Sayyid – University of Leeds