VIDEO: A Conversation with Michel (Mikado) Warschawski

Veteran activist Michel Warschawski aka Mikado joined Arzu at the IHRC Bookshop to discuss his life and work. He spoke with Arzu* about his transformation from Zionist soldier to pro-Palestinian advocate and activist. Warschawski discusses his biography On the Border as well as his thinking regarding the future of Israel/Palestine given more recent events.  On the Border and his co-authored book The 33 Day War: Israel’s War on Hezbollah and its Consequences are available from the IHRC Bookshop.  He joined us in July 2016.


Michel Warschawski in conversation with Arzu Merali at IHRC Bookshop

*A note from December 2023.  This is an interview I conducted rather than an interview of me.  It was a great honour and I was very nervous.