Passion for Justice – In Conversation with Arzu Merali of IHRC

In this new Awakening Project conversation with Arzu Merali, co-founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) based in London, UK, significant issues pertaining to the violation of Muslim rights, activism, Islamophobia and Shi’a Sunni relations are tackled.



Arzu Merali has been one of the major intellectual voices for Muslim rights and identity for almost 25 years and in this conversation, she sheds light on the following:


• Her unique personal journey into the field of activism and research

• The objectives, success stories and challenges of IHRC in the community and wider society • The dangers of a colonial, elitist and imperialist approach to human rights

• The importance of fighting for justice for Muslims and all human beings

• How Muslims have victimised themselves allowing others to exploit them

• The organisation’s approach to Shi’a-Sunni relations