VIDEO: Tackling Internalised Racism and the Terrorist Agenda of Divide and Rule

IHRC’s Arzu Merali presents her paper for the ‘Expert Panel: TERRORISM: CULTURES and MEDIA’ in the spring of 2011 in Tehran, Iran.  Find more details, including links to the paper and conference proceeding below.


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From the Preface

Just Peace: A Comprehensive Discourse
The idea of the Islamic World Peace Forum in establishing the globalfora, is the just peace and all the discourses organized at the Forum are aimed at the prevalence of this concept. In order for the aforesaid idea to have scientific basis, the Islamic World Peace Forum has made various attempts and tries to provide the initial literature for this task. In the next stage we tred and try to propagate this initial literature throughout the world and together with the global elites turn this initial conference in a common conference to an evolved discourse and organize joint conferences amongst ourselves and various global centers.  Thus, the Just Peace Conference will gradually be developed. In this respect, we endeavored to communicate effectively and organizationally with a part of the elites of the world in the religious, scientific and civilfields. Here are expressed some of such communications. Along with dozens of effective measures that we take and follow up in the Forum, we organized a conference in Tehran in which we spoke with a large numberof global elites about the initial concepts. Thence, we organized three regional and international gatherings. First, we had a conference inVienna with the participation of 30 Iranian scholars and the elites from various scientific centers of the Europe. We also held a meeting in cooperation with Jawaharlal Nehru and the India-Iran FriendshipAssociation in Delhi attended by more than 40 scholars from SoutheastAsia and the subcontinent focusing on the subject of peace.They presented their views in this field. The third meeting was held in NorthAmerica in the Canadian city of Ottawa where we held discourses on the subject of just peace in cooperation with the elites and scholars of that country. We intend to hold other meetings to deal with this issue. We aim, through all these various meetings and programs of the Forum, to offer andf urnish the idea of Just Peace with the participation of global elites and receive their assistance to criticize, investigate and perfect this idea so that the Conference will attain further scientific and cultural richness. Today theForum, by organizing this Conference, has effective relations with civil groups worldwide and many academic scholars, authors and elites are congruent ideologically in this regard. We endeavor, through their assistance, to transform the idea of a just peace to a global common discourse.