Naomi Klein and the End of Zionism

The leading liberal author Naomi Klein has publicly called for an exodus of Jews from Zionism.  This is momentous, particularly to those who remember her pro-Zionist interventions of yesteryear.  Arzu discusses why, notwithstanding this welcome news, the movement for a better world needs to still hold those who upheld the old world

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On Michael Gove

Some thoughts from Twitter posted on 2nd March 2024 regarding an opinion piece in The Guardian on Michael Gove.  This article argued that despite appearance of courteousness and clam, Michael Gove was in fact someone who had ‘toxified’ the political culture of the Tories. The tweet threat is unrolled  below, but as

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Democratic dictatorship: the UK as prime exemplar

From the landmark employment tribunal victory of Professor David Miller to the Safety of Rwanda Bill, recent events in the realm of UK law are revealing the political and legal discourses of unaccountable power and control.  It’s been happening a while, but the transformation of the image of Kenneth (now Lord) Clarke,

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