Why I think Amanda Spielman should resign her Ofsted post

Arzu Merali argues that the Ofsted Chief’s position is untenable. [5 February 2018] I was supposed to be writing about counter-narratives to Islamophobia. Amanda Spielman, the Ofsted chief inspector, decided on Friday to prove exactly why these are needed. Hot on the heels of her speech backing a hijab ban at an

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Why was Gary Lineker’s Palestine tweet even controversial?

Lineker, by expressing outrage at the Israeli treatment of Palestinian children, has empowered the narrative of the oppressed – and inevitably brought wrath on himself* The line between Palestine and North London is not such a very long one. There is a moment early in the film, Those Glory Glory Days, when sports

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The Wrong Side of Britishness: Anti-Muslim Narratives in the UK

The ten key narratives of Islamophobia identified in the UK are key to creating an anti-Muslim environment.  The narratives are fuelled by political, media and law enforcement institutions each feeding off each other.  Arzu Merali argues that the impact serves to expel Muslims from the legal and political space and strikes to

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