Writer, researcher, editor, consultant, producer

Arzu has been working in the field of human rights as an author, writer, researcher and consultant for more than twenty five years. She also teaches modules on human rights, feminism and Islamic discourse. 

She has worked on projects with small and medium sized NGOS, as well as in partnerships between civil society and academia spanning Europe, Asia and North America.  This includes working on state of the art research projects on Islamophobia, racism, feminism, equality, decoloniality, human rights / grammars of human dignity, and political theory.  She has worked as a manager, researcher and consultant on such projects, developing analyses and recommendations for policy makers, media and civil society.

She also works as an editor both in the field of human rights, as well as poetry, children’s literature and fiction.  

This website is a home for different aspects of her work, including her blog, podcasts, articles, reports and details of her books.    

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More about Arzu

She is one of the founders (in 1997) of Islamic Human Rights Commission and was their Head of Research.  She was formerly the editor-in-chief of Palestine Internationalist, and is currently editor of The Long View.  She is on the board of Amrit publishers, and a part of the Decolonial International Network Foundation.  She teaches at the annual Critical Muslim Studies Summer School in Granada, Spain.  She has helped curate exhibitions and events on issues of social justice, genocide, racism and Islamophobia, and miscarriages of justice.

In 2024, Arzu helped found Amirali Publishing House which focuses on new poetry, children’s books and fiction. 

Arzu is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (BA Hons and MA Hons English Literature), Nottingham Trent University (PgDip Law), and the University of Kent (MA Hons International Relations).

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